Nail Artisans Tan & Spa

Policies & General Information

GIFT CARD: Gift cards are sold in the amount of $25 or more. There will be a $1 fee applied toward gift card purchase less than $25. Gift cards are not redeem¬able for cash and we are not responsible for lost gift cards.

RESERVATION: Nail Artisans Spa is a walk-in salon: However, for large groups, please call us in advance to book your appointments.

PRICE: All prices are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to ensure all prices are shown on the website and all brochures are up to date.

CHILDREN: Please refrain from bringing young children. Our salon required a tranquil environment. Therefore, for the comforts of our clients, we kindly ask our guests to maintain conversations at considerate volume. children cannot run freely in the salon and are not permitted beyond the reception area unless receiving a service with an adult.